Highway 169 Closure

Construction on Highway 169 began January 23, 2017 and is scheduled be completed October 2017.
Below are links from MnDOT and Commuter Services to keep you informed.


Hwy 169 Project Map

  • Lane reductions on Hwy 169 construction project will begin April 10. Here is a link to the Hwy 169 lane reductions.
  • MnDOT Hwy 169 construction page HERE.
  • The direct link to enter your email address is HERE.  After you submit your email address you will receive an email from MnDOT with a link where you can select the Hwy 169 project, and any other projects or programs you wish to receive alerts on.
  • Please remember that Commuter Services is your resource for Free Assistance to explore a more sustainable commute including carpool, vanpool, transit, bike and telework.