Seasons at the Park

March-April-May 2024!

Well, this “winter” was one that really didn’t happen!  Now this Spring has been very breezy! We hope everyone is enjoying this weather … and hopeful we don’t hit the 90’s anytime soon…

A Few Holidays and Observances:
Mar 10   Daylight Savings starts
Mar 17    St. Patrick’s Day
April 1     April Fool’s Day
April 22  Earth Day
April 22  Passover
April 24  Admin Professional Day
April 26  Arbor Day
May 1      May Day
May 4      Kentucky Derby
May 5      Cinco de Mayo
May 12    Mother’s Day
May 27    Memorial Day

Full Moons
Mar 25    Worm Moon
April 23   Pink Moon
May 23    Flower Moon

Try to relax, slow down, breathe, stop for that red light, smile and say hello, do something unexpected for another … just be kind as one never knows what another is going through! … and please DON’T run that red light!

Don’t forget your lights during dawn/dusk/rain … don’t rely on the auto feature as the front lights may be on, but not the rear ones … and please SLOW DOWN in our ramps.